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The West London River Group represents the societies and other community groups on or near the river between Kew and Chelsea. The area is one of great architectural, environmental and leisure significance, and also one of great interest to planners and developers. The WLRG’s purpose is to provide a forum where its members can develop and pursue common objectives in relation to all matters to do with development, planning, use and conservation which are relevant to the River Thames, its natural landscape and its environment in west London.

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There are currently several big riverside planning proposals on the table, along with revisions to the London Plan and several other policy consultations. The current round of government cuts are also presenting new and difficult challenges to local councils and other bodies.

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The West London River Group are drawn from societies and other community groups on or near the river between Kew and Chelsea. If you are a member of one of the organizations below, please use our members and associates newsletter sign up form to help us keep track of members on our newsletter database.

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia Can Cause Hair Loss?

It is true that iron deficiency can cause anemia. What happens is that lack of iron makes it difficult for the body to produce Haemoglobin, an ingredient that is responsible for carrying oxygen to the various parts of the body. It inhibits transportation of oxygen to hair follicle cells. Iron deficiency leads to abnormality in hair growth cycle and pushes the cycle into telegenic which is the resting phase. When this happens, it makes the affected hair to fall out. And given that hair is considered a non-essential part of the body, it is affected most when the body realizes that it does not have sufficient iron. To mitigate the effect, one should be put on Profollica gel which is formulated to help reverse hair loss. This gel contains herb extracts like Panax ginseng whose job is to improve blood supply and help in protein synthesis. It strengthens hair strands and regulates the sebum level in the scalp. The gel also contains ingredients extracted from Kigelia Africana fruit which inhibits production of DHT. Also, it contains Gingko Biloba whose job is to promote distribution of nutrients and Salvia sclarea that inhibits DHT activity.

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Way forward for iron deficiency patients

Thus, if you believe that you are suffering from iron deficiency, it is necessary that you consult a doctor so that he can establish the level of iron deficiency in the body. The doctor can choose to carry out the following tests:

  • Serum ferritin - it measures the amount of protein that helps to store iron in one’s body. The test helps the doctor to determine the amount of iron that has been used.
  • Serum iron - it measures the amount of iron in your blood
  • Transferrin level - it measures how much transferrin that is not carrying iron.

Once the level of iron in your body has been established, the doctor determines the form of Profollica or iron loaded supplements that should be prescribed to you to reduce hair loss.