The West London River Group keeps track of issues that relates to the Thames (and its borders) between Kew and Chelsea. Click on individual markers on the map below to get the latest information about current issues near you. A full list of current issues can be found here, and older archived issues here. Please contact us if your group would like to join the WLRG or if you have any updates on any of these issues, or on any other river-linked activities or issues that you feel we should know about.

Current Areas of Concern


About Us

The West London River Group represents the societies and other community groups on or near the river between Kew and Chelsea. The area is one of great architectural, environmental and leisure significance, and also one of great interest to planners and developers. The WLRG’s purpose is to provide a forum where its members can develop and pursue common objectives in relation to all matters to do with development, planning, use and conservation which are relevant to the River Thames, its natural landscape and its environment in west London.

Daphne IV flying pennant of WLRG

There are currently several big riverside planning proposals on the table, along with revisions to the London Plan and several other policy consultations. The current round of government cuts are also presenting new and difficult challenges to local councils and other bodies.

Our Members

The West London River Group are drawn from societies and other community groups on or near the river between Kew and Chelsea. If you are a member of one of the organizations below, please use our members and associates newsletter sign up form to help us keep track of members on our newsletter database.

If your organization is not yet a member, but would like to join and contribute, please contact us.

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